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Stand with
Chesa Boudin.

Republicans, the police union, and the ultra-wealthy are banding together to overturn the results of the free and fair election of Chesa Boudin. They want to roll back his progress on creating real public safety solutions, reducing incarceration, and holding police accountable.

Help us fight back against the recall:

On the day he took office just over a year ago, Chesa Boudin stood before us and promised to use the power of his office to do what San Franciscans elected him to do: fight for a more fair, effective, and accountable justice system.

Photo: Smeeta Mahanti

Despite historic obstacles, he has kept his promises. He dramatically reduced the jail population to protect people living inside jails and the broader community from a deadly COVID-19 outbreak. He consistently fights for more support for victims of crime, including financial help and housing for domestic violence survivors. He holds those who abuse power accountable, including prosecuting a San Francisco police officer for killing an unarmed Black man and prosecuting corporations that take advantage of vulnerable workers.

Make no mistake: this effort to overturn an election is Republican-led and fueled by fear-mongering and dangerous misinformation. They are pushing this recall at a time when we should be focusing on public health and economic recovery from the pandemic’s devastating toll on our city.

We are proud to stand with Chesa in opposition to a costly and distracting recall effort. We stand with Chesa because he is proving that we do not have to choose between ending mass incarceration and protecting public safety. We can do both.

Those pushing the recall want you to think San Francisco is getting more dangerous by the minute, and that Boudin is letting people run scot free.

Here is the truth: violent crime in San Francisco is at historic lows. Overall crime has dropped by 30% – even during a destabilizing pandemic.

Boudin’s office continues to prosecute cases where harm has occurred, while fighting for public health solutions and investments that prevent crime before it happens.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Police accountability

  • Dramatically increased police accountability, bolstering the Independent Investigations Bureau to investigate and prosecute allegations of police misconduct and illegal use of force;
  • Filed historic charges against police officers for violence, including the first time that a San Francisco district attorney has ever filed murder charges against police;
  • Stopped charging people with crimes based on uncorroborated testimony of officers known to commit misconduct;


  • Ended prosecutors’ requests for cash bail, which undermines public safety and punishes poverty;
  • Eliminated the use of racist gang enhancements, which target people of color for guilt by association;
  • Helped reduce the jail population by nearly 50% in the first quarter of 2020 alone and avoided a COVID outbreak in the San Francisco jail; 
  • Committed to prosecuting children as children and cut the number of youth incarcerated in San Francisco by approximately 50%;

Diversion and restorative justice

  • Implemented a primary caregiver diversion program to support and assist parents and children impacted by the legal system to get on track;
  • Created an independent, freestanding Innocence Commission alongside a new Post-Conviction Unit to review wrongful convictions and excessive sentences;
  • Significantly expanded diversion programs to address root causes of crimes and avoid unnecessarily saddling people — including parents — with criminal records;
  • Expanded the use of restorative justice resolutions when that path is preferred by the victim;

Supporting victims of crime

  • Created an innovative Economic Crimes Against Workers Unit to protect the most vulnerable from crimes like wage theft;
  • Dedicated an Assistant District Attorney to prosecuting hate crimes;
  • Increased meaningful support for victims, including by spearheading programs that provide housing and transportation for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; offering compensation for people who experience police violence; supporting small businesses that experience vandalism; and expanding testing of toxicology samples for sexual assault survivors;
  • Dramatically grew the victim services division to ensure that crime survivors can immediately secure victim services, even when an arrest has not yet been made.


(Organization names are listed for identification purposes only)

Aaron Peskin
Supervisor, District 3

Amika Mota
Statewide Policy Director, Young Women’s Freedom Center

Andrea Marta
Executive Director, Faith in Action Fund

Angela Chan
Policy Director and Senior Staff Attorney, Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus

Bevan Dufty
BART Board Director

Connie Chan
Supervisor, District 1

Cristine Soto DeBerry
Executive Director, Prosecutors Alliance of California

David Campos
Chair, SF DCCC

Dean Preston
Supervisor, District 5

Doris Fendt
College & Career Counselor, Project Rebound

Earlonne Woods
Cohost of Ear Hustle and Executive Director of CHOOSE1

Eric Mar
Former Supervisor, District 1

Gordon Mar
Supervisor, District 4

George R. Turner
Director, Project Rebound

Hillary Ronen
Supervisor, District 9

James Robertson
Judge (Retired)

Janice Li
BART Board Director

Jason Bell
Executive Director, Project Rebound

John Avalos
Former Supervisor, District 11

LaDoris Cordell
Judge (Retired)

Lara Bazelon
Law Professor, University of San Francisco School of Law

Lateefah Simon
BART Board Director

Lorena Gonzalez
Assemblymember, District 80

Mabel Teng
Former Supervisor, District 7

Margaret Brodkin
Director, Funding the Next Generation

Mark Leno
Former State Senator and Former Supervisor

Matt Haney
Supervisor, District 6

Norman Yee
Former Supervisor

Phil Ting
State Assemblymember and Former Supervisor

Patricia Soung
Juvenile Justice Consultant

Patrisse Cullors
Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation

Raj Jayadev
Coordinator, Silicon Valley De-Bug

RoseMarie Maliekel
Supervisory Attorney, The Federal Pro Bono Project, Justice & Diversity Center

Sandra Lee Fewer
Former Supervisor, District 1

Shamann Walton
Supervisor, District 10

Shanell Williams
City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees

Sophie Maxwell
Former Supervisor, District 10

Tom Ammiano
Former Supervisor, District 9

Tomar Mason
Judge (Retired)

Zachary W. Norris
Executive Director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

supporting Organizations

Sierra Club, SF Bay
Latinx Democratic Club
Our Revolution
American Federation of Teachers Local 2121
Sunrise Bay Area
Richmond District Democratic Club
SEIU Local 87
Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club
San Francisco Berniecrats
Rose Pak Democratic Club
San Francisco Rising Action Fund

In the MEdia

It will take all of us to defeat the Republicans and ultra-wealthy who are bankrolling the recall. Will you help us drown out their negative attacks by chipping in now?


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